Year Artist/Clients Title Genre Role
2024 Logan Freevol Latter Day Saints   Assistant Recording Engineer
2024 Oliverance The moon and the stars   Mixing Engineer
2024 Brogan Smith March 26th   Mastering Engineer
2024 Kendall Nicole Just Be   Vocal Recording/ Mixing / Mastering
2023 Claire Beeler If I was Born a Man   Recording Engineer
2023 Liza Hill (TBD)   Assistant Recording Engineer
2023 Brogan Smith      
2023 Leo Marcariola On My Mind Indie Editing / Quantization / Vocal Editing / Mixing / Mastering
2023 Leo Marcariola  Joanna Indie

Editing Quantization Vocal Tuning /

Mixing / Mastering

2023 Marina Hall Bipolar Indie Mixing / Mastered
2023 James Pilon & Logan Freevol

Podcast: Stuff You Should Know 

Theme Song: Irish Twist

Traditional Irish Co-Producer / Mastering
2023 Brogan Smith A Letter I Wrote Indie Mastering
2023 Reghan Cutler & Kendall Nicole

Tall Enough 

(2x Josie Awards Nominated)

Indie Mixing / Mastered
2023 Kendall Nicole Reckless Jealousy  Indie Mixing / Mastering
2023 Kendall Nicole  Petrachord Indie Mastered
2023 Kendall Nicole I am For You Indie Mixing / Mastering
2023 Kendall Nicole Front Lines Indie Asst. Engineer / Mixing / Mastered
2022 Brendan Krake Good Man Pop-Country

Production / Mixing / Mastering / 

MIDI Programming